Minimal Audio Morph EQ v1.1.2r3 [WIN]

Minimal Audio Morph EQ v1.1.2r3

Welcome to Morph EQ, a fresh take on audio equalizers. Finally you can create precise and animated filter movements with a fast and intuitive workflow.

Build your filter movement. Morph EQ’s innovative and easy-to-use curve feature allows you to draw endless custom filter paths and navigate them with the turn of a knob.

Integrated macro control. Sculpt your audio with elegant controls that globally shift and move your filter shapes. Modulate through your paths, control the filter’s cutoff, and create wide stereo effects with ease.

& More
Perfect your mix. Use Morph EQ to mix and match any combination of 7 filter types, analyze your sound in real-time, change your filter routing for any application, and more.
Diverse preset library. Choose from over 100 presets ranging from twisted effects to essential mixing.


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