Minimal Audio Fuse Compressor v1.0.3r3 [WIN]

Minimal Audio Fuse Compressor v1.0.3r3

Designed to inspire fast workflows with precision sound, Fuse Compressor is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on creating your best work.

Dual Compression
Powerful dynamics shaping. Use up to six bands of dual compression. Create effects that range from transparent glue to hyper-detailed enhancement and much more.

All about the workflow. Multi-band compression can be tricky. Features like macro ratio control, spectral tilt, and adaptive time make it easy. Create music without getting lost in technical details.

Precision when you need it. Mid-side processing, soft knee, channel linking, and individual band controls allow you to quickly dial in your settings as needed.
Diverse preset library. Choose from 40+ versatile presets ranging from classic control to new over-the-top configurations.


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