Minimal Audio Emerge Mutated Organic SFX + Sound Packs Bundle

Minimal Audio Emerge Mutated Organic SFX + Sound Packs Bundle

Immerse yourself in a world that blurs real and imaginary, where space is torn by mind-bending sounds with earth-shattering weight. EMERGE fuses organic material with futuristic sound design to give you a massive variety of hyper-textural audio.

EMERGE offers 750+ meticulously designed impacts, one-shots, atmospheres, textures, and synthetics crafted for forward-thinking sound designers & musicians.

Sonic Discoveries

As the result of a six-month exploration of sound, EMERGE is the distillation of extensive recording sessions and processing techniques. We collected material from junkyards, modular synths, foley sessions, and much more. The audio was carefully processed, layered, and polished into a powerful collision of organic and synthetic sounds.

Included Content

240 Warped One-Shots

94 Impacts

176 Textural Mutations

92 Atmospheres

183 Future Synthetics

Technical Details

Size: 3.6 GB

Audio Files: 785

Format: WAV · 24bit · 96kHz

Compatibility: Mac & Windows


Overdriven Analog Drums

ERODE showcases the noises and imperfections of analog hardware pushed to the extreme.

Get 100+ drum loops, one-shots, and textures ideal for analog-inspired electronic music, hip-hop, or stylized lo-fi beats. If you are looking for drums with attitude, this is the perfect fit.

Dirty By Design

For ERODE, we gathered source material from acoustic drum kits, percussion, drum machines, vinyl, and various other noise sources. We focused on finding sounds full of analog character and warmth.

Included Content

40 Loops

12 Kicks

12 Snares

13 Cymbals & Hi-hats

14 Percussion Oneshots

12 Textures



Sci-Fi Mechanical SFX

High-tech, futuristic, otherworldly – TRANSMUTE offers 60 advanced sound effects for epic sci-fi projects.

Design your own world with space-age impacts, flyby swells, user-interface sounds, and mechanical movements.

Hybrid Machines

To create this library we focused on hybridizing mechanical recordings with a range of digital and modular synthesizer sounds, resulting in unique composites fitting for a myriad of futuristic styles.

Included Content

24 Mechanical Movements

12 Flybys

12 Futuristic Impacts

12 UI Sound FX


Lush Hybrid Atmospheres

CONVOLVE fuses elements from the natural world with harmonic layers from modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

Experience 60 rich, atmospheric soundscapes that add otherworldly depth to your projects.

Fusing Elements

For this collection, our focus was to bring together two core concepts: nature and tonality. We fused pristine elemental recordings with melodies and chords, resulting in gorgeous atmospheres for you to explore.

Included Content

12 Earth Ambiences

12 Fire Ambiences

12 Metal Ambiences

12 Water Ambiences

12 Wood Ambiences


Minimal Glitch Drums

Create high-tech beats, and add digital detail to your productions with this futuristic drum library.

MICROTECH blends abstract synthesis with hard-hitting drum design. Drop these loops & one-shots into your project for immediate inspiration to create futuristic, glitchy beats.

Rhythmic Abstraction

We generated content through an exploration of modular and software synthesis. These sounds were resampled using a variety of digital resynthesis and distortion techniques and warped into one-shots, SFX, and loops.

Included Content

32 Loops

16 Kicks

17 Snares

12 Hi-hats

12 Percussion One-shots

12 Sound FX


Stylized Metal SFX

Texturize your sound with OXIDE – a professional metal sound effects library containing 60+ beautifully designed impacts, rhythmic loops, atmospheres, and one-shots.

With OXIDE, you can easily build tension that is perfect for cinematic music and trailers.

Forging The Sound

In-house, we recorded scrap metal, antiques, bowed metals, and more. This source material was then processed and melded with detailed effects chains, creating a diverse library.

Included Content

15 Metal Rhythmic Loops

14 Metal One-shots

15 Metal Impacts

20 Metal Atmospheres


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Published: August 9, 2021



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