Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle TUTORiAL

Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle TUTORiAL

Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle TUTORiAL

Take your mixes and productions to the next level
Drums, synths, bass, vocals, transitions, drops and more, mix engineer Matthew Weiss shows you how to get the best sound out of all your EDM mixes and productions.

Learn how to…

Mix drops for maximum impact on the dance floor
Use tonal and dynamic contrast to your advantage
Automate for more exciting songs and mixes
Make your synth leads and basses sound huge
Mix a hard-hitting kick drum that cuts through the mix
Mix a lush sounding lead vocal that sits perfectly in the pocket
Manipulate the perceived width, depth and height of a mix
Prepare your mix for getting the best results from mastering

Mix Walkthroughs

Pitch-correcting vocals
Getting a faders up mix
Making initial notes
Mixing kick drums
Mixing the bass
Mixing build ups
Mixing verses + vocals
Mixing peripheral elements
Mixing two different drops

Mix Workshops

Manipulating contrast
Enhancing stereo width
Getting better transitions
Mixing kick drums (in-depth)
Mixing Drum ‘n’ Bass

Mastering and more

Interview with Chris Athens
Multitracks for practice
Mastered versions of all three songs

MixingEDMBundle.part01.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part02.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part03.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part04.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part05.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part06.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part07.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part08.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part09.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part10.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part11.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part12.rar – 980.0 MB
MixingEDMBundle.part13.rar – 733.0 MB

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