Martin Britz Invictus Guitar V1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE

Martin Britz Invictus Guitar V1.1 KONTAKT

Martin Britz Invictus Guitar V1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE

Invictus Guitar is an electric guitar library with two instruments: One with dry recordings and one amped containing around 5.7gb of samples each, an advanced pattern editor, a set of key switches for different sounds and more.

Now updated to V1.1. This update includes two new instruments called Poly-Lead and Poly Lead Amped.

To learn more refer to page 9 of the user manual.

The rhythm guitar instruments were also updated to fix a pattern to midi export bug.

To install the update extract and copy the files to the Invictus Guitar folder.
Overwrite the .NKI and other files when prompted.

This is a minor bug fix so you can leave current projects as-is and use the new scripts when starting a new project.
To get around the pattern to midi export bug in existing projects you can temporarily set the tempo to the default of your DAW before exporting.

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