Leapwing Audio DynOne3 v3.12.5 [WIN]

Leapwing Audio DynOne3 v3.12.5The ultimate smart parallel multi-band dynamics processor

Unrivalled dynamics control
DynOne was designed from the ground up to put 5 bands of quality parallel compression at your fingertips. Transparent and adjustable filters will help control your audio levels without discarding the nuances of your sound. Intelligent and responsive attack and release settings work within pre-set values to get you closer to the sweet spot, faster, and with less guesswork.

Despite the help it offers, it doesn’t take your creative decisions away from you, so if you’re the type who isn’t satisfied until everything is just right then the comprehensive options, clear metering, and intuitive controls will get you where you want to be. Features you won’t find elsewhere include a unique weighting algorithm to offer specific control of your sidechain, and a Center-Side Mode to give attention to your stereo field.


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