Kuassa Efektor Vibracula v1.0.0-TCD

Kuassa Efektor Vibracula v1.0.0-TCD

Lush, Emotional, Undulating, Wobbling Blood-Thirsting Effect

Reimagining Classic Vibrato: Explore the soulful undulations of vibrato with Kuassa Efektor Vibracula. Elevate your performance with precise vibration, bringing timeless vibrato magic to your musical expressions.

Unleash a wave of sonic expression with Kuassa Efektor Vibracula, your undulating way to add a world of dynamic and emotion to your rhythm and melodies. Developed with precision and driven by innovation, this plugin takes your guitar playing to new heights by infusing your notes with wobbling, organic, and flowing character. Elevate your performance with a touch of vibrato magic – Kuassa Efektor Vibracula is here to make your instruments flow like never before.

Key Features :

– Generates gentle to insane vibrato effect

– Auto vibrato simulates a guitar’s vibrato arm

– Link left and right channel in stereo mode

– Precise pitch modulation

– User friendly interface: Straightforward single screen GUI.

– Available as an Amplifikation 360 module


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