Klevgrand Esspresso v1.2.0-TCD

Klevgrand Esspresso v1.2.0-TCD

A powerful de-esser with an intuitive workflow
The new updated Esspresso v1.2 is the ultimate de-essing solution for anyone involved in audio recording, boasting a brand-new interface that’s both sleek and user-friendly.

In almost all modern audio production, the menace of sibilance (those pesky high-frequency noises) has long troubled creators, engineers and producers. For instance, achieving a pristine vocal tone and fine-tuning the EQ can turn into a daunting task when the ‘s’:s distort and throw your mix off balance.

Esspresso’s brilliance lies in its unique approach. Unlike many conventional de-essers, it decouples the detection frequency range from the suppressor’s frequency range. This means you can pinpoint and compress specific frequencies, a feature highly coveted by professional sound engineers. With its lightning-fast and pinpoint-precise frequency response display, Esspresso places total control over those annoying S-sounds firmly in your hands, ensuring that they no longer threaten the integrity of your mix. To get you started, Esspresso v1.2 also includes a collection of presets to start from. A new addition is also a timeline view, giving full control of what’s happening.

Visual reduction RMS
Visual detector RMS
Detector sensitivity gain
Solo switch for the detector signal
v1.2 Four suppressor modes (link, wide, shelf and band)
Intuitive and unique user interface
v1.2 Threshold & ratio control
v1.2 Attack & release controls
v1.2 Timeline view
v1.2 Collection of presets


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