Kiive Audio ADC1 Compressor v1.0.0 Regged [WIN+macOS]

Kiive Audio ADC1 Compressor v1.0.0ADC1 COMPRESSOR
All the spank you need in one compressor!
With its 4 modes, the ADC1 compressor gives you all the gooey compression you could ask for! Width control, wet / dry mix and oversampling all included in this compressor inspired by 2 of the most iconic compressors / limiters of the 50s and 60s. Turn off analog mode to get a flat EQ response, perfect for mix bus. The ADC1 compressor / limiter’s spanky compression is perfect for slamming drums and vocals!

4 iconic compressor modes: Comp 1, Comp 2, Limit, and “Out”
(Harmonic saturation)

Includes hi pass sidechain, wet / dry mix, oversampling, width control and auto gain.

Attack and Release settings change with each comp mode to give you the most flexibility!


Kiive.Audio.ADC1.Compressor.v1.0.0.Regged-WIN.rar – 28.0 MB
Kiive.Audio.ADC1.Compressor.v1.0.0.Regged.macOS.rar – 97.7 MB

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