Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Disruptor v1.0.2-R2R

Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Disruptor v1.0.2-R2R

Toneforge Disruptor is a virtual guitar rig plugin & standalone app that simplifies guitar tone and provides all the necessary tools for guitarists, mixers, and producers to create detailed metal tones. Developed in collaboration with Dino Cazares, the guitarist for Fear Factory, it is the first virtual rig to offer DI Match Technology, String/Tuning Mode calibrations, and AI-matched Dino Cazares tones using a Neural Network algorithm. The plugin also includes an Autonomous Dynamic System, a built-In Dynamic EQ, three Amp Channels, a redesigned Cab Room, and a complete suite of effects pedals.

Cazares and Joey Sturgis have been pioneers in the use of digital modeling technology to create guitar tones that were previously unattainable. Cazares is a founding member of Fear Factory and has been using digital amp modeling and extended-range guitars since the 1990s. His work has inspired many metal and rock artists to add extended-range guitars to their sound, leading to some of the most innovative tones of the last 30 years. Sturgis, a producer and engineer, has also contributed to the use of technology in guitar tone and has worked with bands such as Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men. Together, their influence continues to shape the sound of modern metal and rock music.


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