Intersys Melodic Psy Presets for Serum – Vol.2

Intersys Melodic Psy Presets for Serum – Vol.2InterSys proudly presents – Vol. 2 of our exclusive and extensive melodic psytrance Serum sound pack.

This pack will give you the right tools to create perfect melodic psytrance, InterSys style.

We put great attention to detail, and finalized the presets by adding modulations that will help you make the sounds yours and give them your touch!

Preset List

FX 8 Bar Uplifter

FX Downfiller

FX Engine Warmer

FX LaserPhaser

GT PadGate

GT Smacker


LD Catish

LD Disteria

LD Driller

LD Fast Stabber

LD Fm Bite

LD HornLead

LD Majestic

LD QuickWin

LD RazorBlade

LD Robotic Move

LD Saw

LD Screach

LD Shorty Rythmic

LD Shorty

LD TalkToMe Too

LD TalkToMe

LD Vibrate

LD Wiggly

PD Mysterio

PD Mystic

PL AirBender

PL Bellish

PL Stabb

PL TalkerWalker

PN Feelish

SQ Angel Triplets

SQ DaDrummer

SQ Rythmidelic

SQ SqaureSeq

SY Third Time

TB MaxMadd

TB OldSchool

BA 8th Smack

BA BassHelper 2

BA BassHelper

BA Melodic Bass

BA Wobble

FX 8 Bar Rythmic Uplifter


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