Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Extreme Edition KONTAKT

Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Extreme Edition KONTAKTThe Ebony Concert Grand (Extreme) contains up to 127 velocity layers, 5 mic perspectives, imperfectly and perfectly sampled instruments, true staccato, true crotchet, picked strings, and FX, giving this library over 70,000 unique samples. Provided via super-fast download, this instrument is essentially 10 high-resolution grand pianos in one.

Containing over 160GB of data with 24-bit audio fidelity, the raw versatility and dynamics of this piano library has to be heard to be believed.

Perspective 1: Located at the “player” position, for a warm, organic sound
Perspective 2: Located inside the piano, for a “clean” sound.
Perspective 3: Located 2 metres from the piano, for a rich, “wet”, room sound
Perspective 4: Located close to the hammers, for a wide stereo, punchy sound
Perspective 5: Located underneath the piano using pickups, for a dry, bright sound

The use of multiple perspectives is a long-used trick in the record industry, and is essential for creating the right custom piano sound for mixing. Name almost any piano-based recording artist; Gary Barlow, Delta Goodrem, Lucie Silvas, Christina Aguilera, their engineers use multiple recording perspectives in their piano-based records. Not only does it add versatility in terms of character of sound, but allows for a more realistic integration with the “sound-space” of a track.

This library picks up where many sampled grand piano libraries fail. Each of the 5 microphone perspectives has been painstakingly edited, to allow you to mix the piano as you would a live instrument. If you want a warm sound with more reverb, mix perspective 1 and 3. If you would prefer less room reverb, and a more percussive sound, use perspective 4.

The Ebony Concert Grand (extreme) contains all the instruments of the (basic), (pro), and (complete), and more. Unusual instruments, such as picked strings, FX, and true-crotchet, are all provided in 5 distinct microphone perspectives.

Microphone perspecttive 1 is full and warm, suited to solo piano music of many styles.
Perspective 3 contains natural room reverb, with a deep and rich sound.
Perspective 5 is dry and bright, can cut through a mix, and is useful for loud pop or rock mixes.

In addition to the imperfectly sampled instruments, perfectly sampled instruments are provided. The piano was tuned perfectly, and these were recorded in a traditional sense for a classic sound. These instruments are thinner, and particularly useful for situations such as dense or busy mixes.
What about memory? The Ebony Concert Grand uses optimized direct-from-disc technology, which means that most instruments have a RAM footprint of around 200MB. The heaviest instrument has a RAM footprint of around 800MB.

Although the specifications of this piano library are massive, here at imperfect samples it is believed that the key to getting a sample library to sound decent, is the sound, not the specs. Sound is an ineffable quality that that doesn’t come down to quantifiable numbers such as the number of samples. The Ebony Concert Grand has an warm, epic, and expensive sound.

This grand piano library sounds REAL.

This library supports the following formats: VST, AU, EXS24, Kontakt 4 (or higher)* .

NB: Kontakt Player is not the same as Kontakt. To use this library with Kontakt, a full retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher is required. You can also use the EXS24.

To see a list of instruments available in the Ebony Concert Grand (Extreme), click here.



Protected: Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony
Protected: Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony

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