Imaginando DRC v2.9.3 (MAC)

Imaginando DRC v2.9.3

DRC is a virtual analogue synthesizer that takes its analogue modelling seriously. Portable and powerful. DRC uses the exact same synth-engine on all platforms for a consistent, high quality sound. Vintage sound, modern design. With a clean, minimal design focused on accessibility, the intuitive interface allows you to concentrate on creativity and control of your sound, free from visual distractions. Sound design, anytime With cloud sync functionality, you can seamlessly shift your workflow between devices, for sound design on the go. Take your creations outside of the studio, or start a new sound on your mobile then move it to your DAW.

Lush effects processing
Transforming simple waveforms into rich, lush soundscapes bursting with harmonics, effects processing is the sonic source of DRC’s soul.

Stereo tape delay with time modulation.

Sound design made simple
If you’re new to synthesizers, DRC is the perfect place to start. Our YouTube channel provides regular and easy to follow tutorials, featuring some of the most iconic sounds ever created.

Mac OS High Sierra or Higher


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