Groove3 Auto-Tune Pro X Explained TUTORiAL

Groove3 Auto-Tune Pro X Explained TUTORiALJoin studio expert Thomas Cochran for an in-depth Auto-Tune Pro X video tutorial course! Whether you’re looking for subtle, invisible pitch adjustment or completely synthetic creative possibilities, Auto-Tune Pro X delivers, and Thomas will show you how to get quick, amazing results. These videos are for new users of Auto-Tune Pro X.

Thomas kicks things off by introducing the series and taking you on quick tour of the interface, showing you how to navigate the presets so you can quickly get acclimated to Auto-Tune’s process. Explore the global controls and learn how they’ll be employed throughout the series. Then check out the settings and preferences, which you can adjust to suit your personal user experience with the plug-in.

Next up, check out Auto Mode, which is set up for quick, no-fuss, classic auto-tune effects and demonstrated with the pitch adjustment of a vocal. In the Advanced Mode, you’ll have access to more detailed controls, should you need them, including the note controls, vibrato adjustment, and more. While Auto Mode may handle the majority of your needs, the Graph Mode allows you to go deep and get incredibly precise with regard to pitch, tone, and other parameters on a per-note basis. You’ll even learn how to draw in your own pitch-correction curves and more!

Once you’re through with this course, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to get stellar results from Auto-Tune Pro X quickly and efficiently. See the individual descriptions for more information on each Auto-Tune Pro X video tutorial and ideas in which you can implement it into your workflow. You don’t have to settle for lackluster vocals anymore… watch “Auto-Tune Pro X Explained®” today!


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