Futurephonic Bass Trilogy by Alex Story

Futurephonic Bass Trilogy by Alex Story

The big pluck. The smooth hum. The dancefloor-rocking pulse.

Get the bass in your track just right, and your mix is halfway there. We all know how frustrating it can be nailing the bass, and sometimes you just need that instant pro quality in your track.

Meet the Bass Trilogy by Alex Story.

Your tracks will love you.

This bad-ass trio was designed specifically for Progressive and Full-On producers. Engineered, tested and perfected over time, each kit represents a different angle on that big, festival-pumping, Psychedelic sound. Guaranteed.

Your next track just got a huge upgrade.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

Three bass kits: Elements, Kaleida and Sonic Impact
Every bass sampled across two octaves
Fully processed and track-tested
100% Royalty-free
Ableton Custom Rack Upgrade – Click here for info

100% Royalty-free



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