fluffyaudio Simple Ukulele KONTAKT

fluffyaudio Simple Ukulele KONTAKT

Simple Ukulele contains samples of a beautiful tenor ukulele, with a warm and sustained sound.

Sampled in detail looking for a clear but expressive instrument.

Simple Ukulele features the new Fluffy Audio Strummer 2.5, a new version of the strumming engine developed in Rinascimento and Spaghetti Western.


  • 1.5 GB .ncw compressed sample pool
  • 2 instrument patches, melodic and strumming
  • different sustain positions with 3 dynamics and 4 RR
  • 2 mic positions (spot and mid-close)
  • 2+ octaves note range
  • Legato articulation (hammer-on and pull-off)
  • Sampled plucking the strings with nails and fingertips (for upstrokes and downstrokes strumming)
  • 4 different “chuck” sound positions, for a more realistic strumming
  • Colors articulation with lots of percussive sounds (knocking and striking the ukulele’s body and strings)
  • Advanced strum engine with upstrokes and downstrokes strumming patterns, chucks, input quantize, strum designer and velocity control


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