Evabeat Melody Sauce 2 v2.1.3 Incl Keygen-R2R

Evabeat Melody Sauce 2 v2.1.3 Incl Keygen-R2R

Create unique melodies in your DAW in seconds
A complete melody creation tool
‍Melody Sauce 2 will help you create inspiring melodies and new ideas for your music projects. Our AI-powered PhraseBuilder Engine™ mirrors the way top producers build melodic phrases.

> Your new creative partner
‍Create ideas to get your projects going, or to help you finish what you started. Generate quality melodies quickly and easily and stay in the flow.

> Your own unique melodies
‍Melodies are not pre-progammed, they are created for you based on your settings, or use one of over 300 style settings for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House, Techno, Pop, Reggaeton and R&B.

Designed to boost creativity
> Intuitive and simple, no need for theory
Designed to fit neatly into your workflow without you needing to know lots of complex music theory, Melody Sauce 2 is destined to be an integral part of your creative sessions.

> Packed with creative features
Includes nearly 100 internal instruments with 3 built-in FX which you can also play with your own midi. Plus an advanced bar-by-bar editing section with the ability to select chords for your melodies to follow.‍


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