Embrays Designs 85 Presets XLN Audio RC-20

Embrays Designs 85 Presets XLN Audio RC-20Collection of 85 Presets for for XLN Audio RC20

Divided into 7 Categories with 12 to 13 Presets each

1 – Keys
2 – Guitars
3 – Vocals
4 – Synths
5 – Full Mix
6 – Bass
7 – Drums

RC-20 is primarily for Vintage Retro Effect for Tracks / Instruments,
but the Presets here uses Combination of selected Modules for Plethora of varied Modern, Vintage, Spacey, Widening, Emulation and many more specially tuned best for particular Instrument Categories.

RC-20 doesn’t have a regular Mix knob like other Plugin where Original Input gets Mixed in, Instead RC-20 uses Magnitude slider to globally uniformly change all the Parameters to Dry Position, This makes the Magnitude Slider smoothly transition from Heavy Effect to Subtle Effect,
Absolutely Encourage to Use the Slider for your preferred amount of Effect, also best to Automate the Slider to give natural slow tempo movements, or when going from Breakdowns to Drops or Verse to Chorus.


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