Edu Prado Sounds Electric Reed Organ KONTAKT

Edu Prado Sounds Electric Reed Organ KONTAKTThe EPS Electric Reed Organ sample library is a creative collaboration between Edu Prado and Jan Pfitzer, resulting in an amazing virtual instrument built from a vintage Bontempi BN8 chord electric reed organ.

If you are into vintage instruments or a fan of reeds, this library features a comprehensive collection of sounds and samples that showcase the full range of the BN8’s capabilities, from the deep and powerful bass notes to the bright and shimmering treble tones.

For a detailed and realistic experience, we also sampled the characteristic fan noise of the electric organ, and of course the click sound of the old keys. On the instrument’s interface, you can turn the fan and key sounds on or off, giving you an extra layer of control, in case you need a pristine clean reed sound.

And to bring the vintage sound to the next level, we also recorded all the samples through an analogue cassette tape, adding character, warmth, and some wobble to the sound on the taped patches.

On this sample library, you can experiment with different settings and effects to create your own unique soundscapes and compositions. Whether you are a professional musician, a student, or simply an enthusiast, the EPS Electric Reed Organ is sure to bring inspiration and delight.

The Electric Reed Organ sample library offers multiple built-in effects to shape the sounds as you wish, and it comes with 6 unique NKIs:

1. Electric Reeds
2. Taped Reeds
3. Reed Chords (Major chords in Yellow and minor chords in Purple)
4. Taped Reed Chords (Major chords in Yellow and minor chords in Purple)
5. Reed Pad
6. Taped Reed Pad

The built-in effects include: Space – Convolution Reverb with 10 options of impulse-response; Cabinete simulation; Attack and Release controls; Smear diffusion effect; Drive effect; High-Pass and Low-Pass filters.


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