discoDSP OPL v2.2 [WiN]

discoDSP OPL v2.2The Yamaha OPL2 chip was the second-generation chip in the OPL series and was first introduced in 1985. It was widely used in early PC sound cards, including the Ad Lib and Sound Blaster cards, and became a staple of video game soundtracks in the 1980s and 1990s.

discoDSP OPL emulates the OPL2 chip’s synthesis engine, including its unique FM and additive synthesis capabilities. Additionally, the plugin includes the percussion mode of the OPL2, which allows you to generate a range of percussive sounds, such as drums, cymbals, and other metallic and percussive tones.

The percussion mode is achieved by routing a specific waveform to the OPL2’s second operator, which is then used to generate the percussive sound. This mode provides a wide range of percussive sounds that can be used to add rhythmic interest to your productions.

With discoDSP OPL, you can take advantage of the unique sound of the Yamaha OPL2 chip, including its FM synthesis, additive synthesis, and percussion mode. Whether you’re producing classic video game soundtracks, electronic music, or just looking for a unique sound to add to your productions, OPL is the perfect choice.


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