Cymatics Digital Love – Future Pop Project File ALS LOGIC FLP

Cymatics Digital Love – Future Pop Project File ALS LOGIC FLP

Out of every genre that has emerged in the past few years, Future pop sticks out among the rest…

With it’s unique sound design and catchy songwriting, it seems like fans and producers just can’t get enough of this style.

And to help you master this emerging genre, we created “Digital Love”: a project file filled with stellar writing, heavy bassline, and mixing that would make jaws drop.

Inspired by artists like Marshmello, Whethan, and Louis the Child, this project file let’s you see just how the pro’s arrange their drums, write their melodies, and layer sounds.

Even if you spend just half hour in this project, you’ll come out a MUCH better producer.

Now imagine if you took the time to fully dissect this project and learned the ins and outs of everything going on. You’d advance your production knowledge in no time!

So, if you’re ready to progress on your production journey, download Digital Love today – and then get ready: you’re about to gain A LOT of knowledge.

Included in this pack:
● “Digital Love” Ableton Project File
● “Digital Love” FL Studio Project File
● “Digital Love” Logic Project File


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