Cinematic Composing com Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass

Cinematic Composing com Hollywood Secrets System MasterclassThe Hollywood systems masterclass course is instructed by
Marc Jovani, Composer, Cinematic Composing Co-founder.
It is a legacy course of cinematic,
and the information it contains are absorbed into several of the newer courses.

As the first and second parts of the course, it includes a quick guides for composing “in any style under 10 mins.”
The styles include:
Dramatic Love
Dramatic sadness
Action high intensity
Fantasy and Magic
Action high intensity
Supernatural grandeur
Action mid intensity

It includes an 5 layer system to get the composing off the blank canvas.
Also some advice on the orchestral patches, mixing and routing, plus a description of the template Marc is using.

The third and fourth parts are concentrating on marketing for composers and how to build up, differentiate and position compared to other composers.
It includes advice on building your brand and goes into graphic design and marketing territories, professional photography and sales to boost up your brand.


01-Compose In Any Style Under 10 Min

01-Dramatic Love.mp4
02-Dramatic Sadness.mp4
03-Action High Intensity.mp4
04-Fantasy and Magic.mp4
05-BONUS- Action High Intensity – Composing.mp4
06-BONUS- Action High Intensity – Mixing.mp4
07-Supernatural Grandeur.mp4
08-Action Mid Intensity.mp4
10-BONUS- Adventure – Synthestration.mp4
11-BONUS- Adventure – Mixing Part I.mp4
12-BONUS- Adventure – Mixing Part II.mp4
14-The 5 Layer System and How to Create Separation.mp4
13-BONUS. The 5 Layers System
15-BONUS- Arranging_Synthestration for Woodwinds and Brass.mp4

02-Create A System That Ensures A Good Sound, Balance, Mix

01-Introducing the System.mp4
03-Patches you wanna have.mp4
04-A cue under 10 minutes.mp4
06-BONUS- 2h+ Chat Describing My Template.mp4

03-Marketing For Composers. Foundation, Planning & Setup

01-Business Assessment
02-Competition Assessment Part I
03-Competition Assessment Part II
04-Positioning, Differentiation and Finding Your Niche
05-How to Differentiate from your Competitors
06-How Positioning Determines Your Pricing
07-Your Own Personal Assessment – Budgeting and Timeline
09-BONUS _Hack My Path to Success_ Journal

04-Brand Assets Development

01-Module Structure
02-Brand Assets + Brand Board + Planning
03-Guideline for Professional Photos
05-Sales Foundation
06-Daily Project Blueprint
07-The Invisible Proposal Funnel For Composers
08-CHALLENGES #1 & #2 – Sign A Client In 30 Days

Note: homepage do not exist or is not accessible to public, so this Facebook page is the closest thing I could find.

Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass.part1.rar – 2.9 GB
Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass.part2.rar – 2.9 GB
Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass.part3.rar – 2.9 GB
Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass.part4.rar – 2.9 GB
Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass.part5.rar – 1.9 GB

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