Cinematic Film Music Cliches

Cinematic Film Music ClichesWhether you’re an experienced composer or someone who’s just starting out on your journey, if you listen carefully you’ll notice that the world of film music has its own language and conventions.

There are a set number of composition styles or cliches that almost all cinematic music falls into. Of course, every project will have its own direction but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could turn to get you started no matter what your director is asking for?

Getting Started – The Easy Way

At Cinematic Composing, we analyzed the different styles or cliches and presented them in one easy-to-follow course that gives you the jump-start you need to get going quickly and easily.

This course is incredibly helpful and lays out everything you’re going to need to compose music for almost any type of cue.

Meet your trainer

Marc Jovani, Composer, Teacher, Cofounder of Cinematic Composing

•Based in Los Angeles. Has composed soundtracks for more than 50 movies
•Has provided music for major studios such as NETFLIX, Amazon, Lionsgate, Syfy, FOX.
•His movies have been distributed internationally on leading, nationally broadcasted television channels, including Lifetime (USA), TF1 (France), the Hallmark Channel (USA), Canale 5 (Italy), Antena 3 (Spain), HBO (USA) and more.
•His music has been recorded in major studios: Warner Bros (Burbank), EastWest (Hollywood), and others.
•Co-founder of Cinematic Composing (2016) with more than 10.000 students and growing
•Berklee College of Music: Composition & Orchestration teacher at Berklee (2010-2016)

What You’ll Learn

1. Edge of their seats.
Learn how to compose an edge-of-your-seat High-Intensity Action cue.

2. Super Anyone?
Bring an Action Hero to life with a bold cue.

3. Tap into the Dark Side
Uncover the secrets to getting an audience to fear and despise an Action Villain.

4. Hold On To Your seats
Discover how to score an Action-Adventure blockbuster.

5. Somewhere Out There
Help your audience lose themselves in the Fantasy world.

6. Somebody Please Turn On The Lights
Keep your audience guessing with Suspense and Horror.

7. Knee Slapping Fun
Uncover the tips for writing quirky Comedy.

8. Things Just ain’t Quite Right around Here
Keep the pot boiling with effective Mood and Drama cues.

The curriculum

Explore Film Music Cliches

There are 5 main styles or cliches used in film and game music:

• Action music
• Fantasy music
• Suspense and Horror music
• Comedy music
• Mood and Drama music

Modules includes in this course

MODULE 1. Introduction
MODULE 2. Action
MODULE 3. Suspense and Horror
MODULE 4. Fantasy
MODULE 5. Comedy
MODULE 6. Mood Drama
MODULE 7. Conclusion and Glossary

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