ChordWizard Gold 2.53c

ChordWizard Gold 2.53cIf you’re serious about your music, you’ll be amazed how ChordWizard Gold Edition turbo charges your knowledge and creativity.[cut]

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Designed to adjust easily between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced playing levels, ChordWizard Gold Edition is a truly unlimited musical reference which handles all chord types and scale types, putting you in total control of your fretboard.
It supports over 115 different instruments and tunings, including Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele. Both left and right handed players are fully catered for.
More than a uniquely powerful learning tool, ChordWizard is also an integrated workshop that you can apply directly to your own activities like rhythm playing, improvisation and songwriting, for every musical style.
ChordWizard Gold Edition has an open-ended structure that grows with you, giving access to high levels of skills and understanding, and delivering years of exceptional value.

Chordshape Library
You can find out how to play any chord on your instrument with the click of a mouse. Hear and compare the sounds of chordshapes from the supplied libraries, containing up to 8000 chordshapes at Advanced level.
Advanced filtering features allow you to search for chordshapes not just by chord, but also by finger patterns, scale compatibility, or the notes they contain. Any chordshape can be viewed in terms of either notes or degrees, and slash chord notation is fully supported.
Customize and easily create libraries by having ChordWizard Gold Edition automatically scan the entire fretboard to fill new libraries with the best possible chordshapes for any instrument or tuning.

Chordshape Design
Designing new chordshapes using overlay labels is as easy as painting by numbers. Or you can tell ChordWizard Gold Edition exactly what type of chordshape you are looking for and have it search the entire fretboard, giving you access to millions of chordshape possibilities.
A range of options allow you to customise the search results precisely to your requirements, such as the fret span of chordshapes, and the number of fingers or the level of string bridging needed.
ChordWizard Gold Edition deals effortlessly with movable chordshapes, allowing you to add the whole series at once. You can accurately identify any of your own chordshapes that you have discovered, and add them to your library for future use.

Chord and Scale Relations
Gain powerful insights into how chords and scales are related to each other, and how they appear on the fretboard. Relations View is a powerful aid for both songwriting and improvisation.
Songwriters can easily find out which chords suit the scale of their song, using this unique environment to explore and hear chord possibilities. There are even tools that make it easy to discover the scale of your new song ideas from a melody fragment, a chord sequence or a fretboard riff.
Lead players can explore and quickly find suitable scales for improvising over a chord sequence. You can compare the sounds before you make a choice, and then practise the scale you have chosen.

Scale Practice
Take the pain out of learning and practising scale positions. ChordWizard Gold Edition shows you every possible position for any scale, and gives you an animated demonstration of how it should be played.
There are two different practice modes, for both partial (octave span) and full scale positions, with a variety of options that control the speed and difficulty of the exercises. A background harmony chord is automatically chosen to put your scales in context.
When you’re ready for a workout, you can start a guided interactive practice session with a sequence of scales, positions, rhythms and note patterns. Start with a simple sequence and then add variations until your fingers are flying across the fretboard.

Printing Reports
With integrated reporting facilities, ChordWizard Gold Edition can produce high quality full-color printed output to capture whatever results you have found in the workspace.
Turn your chordshape libraries into press-ready Chord Books with advanced features like binding margins, tables of contents and many other options.
Print Relations reports for guidance with songwriting and improvisation away from the computer.
Print Scale Charts to help you learn notes and positions for any scale, with multi-color note labels the same as they appear on the screen.

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