Caelum Audio Plugins Tape Pro v1.3.1 U2B [MAC]

Caelum Audio Plugins Tape Pro v1.3.1 U2B

Introduce warmth, shaping, modulation, noise and delay to your music. Authentically recreate a variety of tape-machines’ characteristics. Colour your track with a mastering grade reel to reel or chew it up with a microcassette. Dive into strange saturation shapes, erratic wows & flutters and aggressive delay feedback lines.

Harmonic Grit
Shape the warmth in your tracks using the Tape, Digital, Rectify, Half-Rectify, Sine and Smooth saturation types.

Authentic Responses
From highly-filtered micro-cassettes to mastering grade reel-to-reel, choose among 21 Impulse Responses for authentic modeling.

Rolling heads, subtle hiss and rumble, introduce these unique mannerisms of tape with genuine recordings from real hardware.

Create wonderful wow and flutter modulations emulating the natural fluctuation of tape speed, either synchronized to your DAW or free form.

Open up the depth and space of your sounds with the lush sound of a tape delay machine, or increase the feedback to make it scream!


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