Caelum Audio Plugins Bundle 2023.01 [WIN]

Caelum Audio Plugins Bundle 2023.0110 great plugins for your productions.

• Choric (NEW!!)
Thick and rich chorus textures with up to 32 voices.

• Flux Pro
Powerhouse Multi-FX Modulation Plugin

• Beef
Powerful Distortion Effect to Beef Up Your Sounds

• Schlap
Aggressive & Colourful RMS Compressor

• Smoov
Graceful & Transparent Peak Detection Compressor

• Tape Pro
Elegant & Accurate Tape Emulation & Delay

• Roast Beef
Christmas Distortion Effect to Beef Up Your Sounds

• Dustbin
Unique Waste Processing – International Joke Day ’22

• Flux Mini 2
Amp & Filter Modulation – Pumping Sidechain & Crazy Filter Galore

• Tape Casette 2
Warm & Wonderful Free Tape Cassette Emulation


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