BLEASS Flanger v1.1.2 Incl Emulator-R2R

BLEASS Flanger v1.1.2 Incl Emulator-R2RBLEASS Flanger harnesses the sonic characteristics of classic flanger effects and brings them fully up-to-date with a pair of flexible LFOs, variable modulation routing, an envelope generator and beat synchronisation.
Classic flangers are a delay-based effect, and modulate the delay time to create the distinctive, repetitive flanged sound. But with BLEASS Flanger, multiple modulation sources are combined to create detailed, complex and evolving timbral movement within your sound.

The addition of an envelope generator, which is triggered by the incoming signal, adds an additional dimension to the flanger effect, making it sensitive to the dynamics and nuances of your performances. The second LFO can take the sonic possibilities further still, with the option for it to modulate the delay’s feedback strength or stereo width.


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