Best Service Halls of Fame 3 – Complete Edition v3.1.7 [MAC+WiN]

Best Service Halls of Fame 3 – Complete Edition v3.1.713 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years combined in one plugin
Halls Of Fame 3 by Best Service combines the authentic sound of vintage reverbs with modern editing possibilities. Simply choose an impulse response from several content packages and bundles and get overwhelmed by the authentic sound of renowned vintage gear and modern digital reverbs. Load one of our premium IRs into Halls Of Fame 3 and experience the sonic charm of a bygone era.

The centrepiece of Halls Of Fame 3 are these outstanding impulse responses. That is exactly the reason, why we took greatest care to faithfully capture the sonic characteristics of the hardware references in all their details. Thanks to superb recording techniques in stereo and „True Stereo“, we managed to reproduce them as realistically as never before. The result is an easy to use convolution reverb, that brings you the sound of iconic reverb units directly into your studio.

The Interface
The intuitive GUI offers direct access to all important parameters, required to adjust the reverb to your taste. Furthermore all parameters can be entirely automated in real-time – even start and end points. Due to its comprehensive tweaking possibilities, Halls Of Fame 3 exceeds its vintage predecessors.

Alongside other techniques, we mostly recorded in TRUE STEREO HDIR (High Definition Impulse Responses) in 96kHz resolution, 32 bit floating point wave format. High-End “PrismSound” ADA-8XR converters and “StraigtWire” audio cables also contributed to that unmatched and pure, crystal clear quality, to deliver you only the best possible content.

Features Overview:
– 13 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years combined in one plugin
– Recorded in stereo and “true stereo” with premium recorders
– Authentic sound due to high quality impulse responses
– Intuitive GUI with direct access to all important parameters
– Over 3042 Presets (1605 Stereo and 1434 True Stereo)


Best_Service_Halls_Of_Fame_3_1_7_Complete.part1.rar – 2.4 GB
Best_Service_Halls_Of_Fame_3_1_7_Complete.part2.rar – 2.1 GB

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