Beautiful Void Audio Turbo Tremelo + for Kontakt

Beautiful Void Audio Turbo Tremelo + for Kontakt

Turbo Tremolo+ is a combination of some interesting sound design and instrumentation experiments.
It combines two previous releases (Turbo Tremolo and Stereo String Sustains), and adds a significant amount of content, with 10 multisampled string pad textures (+10 lofi variations based on these). In addition to this, 10 multis were created utilizing all of the included sounds.

Most of the sounds are textural or pad type sounds, though there are some darker and more ominous sounds included.
Turbo Tremolo and Stereo String Sustains were also updated, with many presets being added to Turbo Tremolo. The samples for stereo string sustain were also edited, however, some presets were removed.

This product utilizes the free, but critically acclaimed engine called Photosynthesis by Exotic States (now Audio Imperia)


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