BeatSkillz Plugins – Tone Empire bundle 2022.5 [WIN]

BeatSkillz Plugins – Tone Empire bundle 2022.5

Tone Empire makes Premium Audio Plugins for Audio Engineers, Music Producer and Musicians.

BlackQ V2 v1.1.2 – Smooth Tubes EQ
Firechild v1.5.0 – 4 models of the Vari-Mu Compressor
Goliath V2 v1.5.0 – Saturation/Dynamics/EQ
LOC-NESS v2.5 – Drum/Percussion Processor
Model 5000 v1.0 – Heavy Weight VCA Compressor
Neural-Q v1.0.2 – A.I/Neural Network-Based EQ & Saturation
OptoRED v1.1.0 – Transparent Optical Compressor
Reelight Pro v1.0.5 – Tape Emulation


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