Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor v1.2 [MAC]

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor v1.2Add Triple Impact To Your Tracks

✱ Parallel Aggressor lets you add parallel saturation and parallel compression from within one plugin

✱ It splits your audio into three individual tracks: Dry original, Saturated duplicate, Compressed duplicate

✱ Balance and mix the three signals to add impact and punch while retaining the dynamics of your original track

Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a big mix sound. By duplicating the same audio into multiple copies and processing each duplicate with different levels of intensity, you can add more presence to a track – while still preserving its natural dynamics. The technique is a staple of modern music production.

Parallel Aggressor is based on this concept. But instead of routing any audio to external busses, the plugin hosts the parallel tracks internally – and has them calibrated for maximum impact from the get-go.

“Spank” offers a heavily compressed duplicate of your original track. “Heat” offers a heavily saturated duplicate. “Dry” is your clean audio. Work the two duplicates hard! Then combine all three signals to squeeze every last drop of sonic juice out of your track!


Protected: BABY Audio Plugins Download
Protected: BABY Audio Plugins Download

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