Audio Imperia Sinfonia Drums KONTAKT

Audio Imperia Sinfonia Drums KONTAKT

Audio Imperia Sinfonia Drums KONTAKT

Sinfonia Drums – Brooding & Intense Cinematic Drums

AUDIO IMPERIA’s “Sinfonia Drums“ is the first instrument in our new “Sinfonia” signature series. All of the products in the series are produced by The Hawk In Paris (a musical collaboration between Grammy-award nominated and winning producers/artists Matt Bronleewe, Jeremy Bose, and Dan Haseltine) and is a collection of instruments that represent the groups’ deep commitment to the tradition and innovation of inspired music making.

The Sinfonia Series offers two incredible resources: organic instruments captured in a legendary studio environment, as well as re-designed versions of those sounds that open up new musical directions for composers.

In collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer Shane Wilson and a team of masterful instrumentalists, The Hawk In Paris stepped into the legendary RCA Studio A and captured a library of pure and organic tones along with otherworldly sounds and textures.

The library, inspired by the work of composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, includes over 16,000 samples that we packaged into our powerful Kontakt engine. The intuitive engine is specifically made with sound design in mind and comes with multiple step modulators, a dual FX page layout and much more.

•9 Mic Positions
•A processed mixed-mic position for each of the recorded drums (produced by Martin Hasseldam)
•Designed Drums (sound design by Bryan Leach)
•Low Impacts (sound design by Bryan Leach)
•Atmospheres (sound design by Bryan Leach)
•Bonus Section of Source Material for Sound Design: Bucket Stick Hits, Claps, Snaps, Bottles, Door Slams, Metal Beam Hammer Hits, Percussive Slaps, etc.

Drums & Mic Positions:

•Concert Bass Drum
•Gretch Kick Drum
•Crav Kick Drum
•C&C 24” Kick
•Rogers 20” Kick
•Cow Drum
•Irish Drum
•Joyful Noise Snare
•Crav 6 1⁄2” Birch Snare
•Crav 6” Hybrid Snare
•Vintage Marching Drum
•Ludwig Marching Tenor Snare
•Small Rototom
•Med Rototom
•Big Rototom
•C&C 13” Tom
•20” Istanbul Crash
•21” Istanbul Ride
•20” Istanbul Ride


•Cr: Crushed Mic (Mono)
•K: (Kick Mic) Front Mic (Mono)
•OH: Overhead Mics (Stereo)
•RF: Room Far Mics (Stereo)
•RM1: Room Mono Mic, Position 1 (Mono)
•RM2: Room Mono Mic, Position 2 (Mono)
•RN: Room Near Mics (Stereo)
•RS: Room Stereo Mics (Stereo)
•Sub: Sub Mic (Mono)
•B: Bottom Mic (Mono)
•Top: Top Mic (Mono)


•High definition audio quality
•Recorded in collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer Shane Wilson
•Recorded at legendary RCA Studio A, The Grand Victor in Nashville, TN
•10.42 GB installed
•16000+ Samples
•Multisampled Signature Drums
•Custom Kontakt Engine & GUI with dual FX page layout
•28 Individual Kontakt Patches
•Sinfonia Drums requires the full version of Kontakt or higher (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player)

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