Arturia Master Bus Bundle [Mac OS X]

Arturia Master Bus BundleMix Bus Instant sonic character. Three dynamic plugins to inject energy, color, and analog character into your production – the inspiring sound of stereo diode compression, vintage broadcast EQ, and cutting-edge parallel processing. Make anything sound better. How do the world’s greatest producers drop award-winning mixes time after time? How do veteran engineers take a great track and master it to sonic perfection? The answers lie not only in their skills, but often in the specific tools they use. With our trio of Bus FX, those tools are yours to explore. Energize your mixes with enhanced dynamics, accentuated clarity, speaker-pumping power, and heaps of vintage studio character for your lead vocal, drum bus, stereo master, or anything in between. These are the crucial secret ingredients needed for the ultimate mix.

Bus FORCE_ v1.0.2
Comp DIODE 609 v1.0.2
EQ SITRAL-295 v1.0.2


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