Arturia KORG MS-20 V v1.1.1 (MAC)

Arturia KORG MS-20 V v1.1.1KORG MS-20 V Primal black monolith.. KORG MS-20 V is a virtual instrument for sound explorers in search of the meaner side of analog. From punchy analog textures to abrasive screaming sounds, explore a flawless emulation of a primal instrument overflowing with attitude and streamlined for modern production. KORG MS-20 V unites screaming oscillators and filters with a semi-modular architecture and cutting-edge upgrades for a monstrous virtual instrument that transcends subtractive synthesis.

Harnessing chaos
If raw energy had a sound, this would be it. KORG MS-20 V channels the high-voltage sound and hacked-circuit quality of an iconic beast of a synth, and the resulting sound is every bit as primal and fearsome as it always was. Do you dare tame it?

The test of time
A machine that’s remained unchanged since its release four decades ago, yet remains a production go-to for screaming leads, seismic wobbling basses, and edgy pulse width textures. KORG MS-20 V virtualizes this ageless analog monster for your DAW workflow.

KORG MS-20 V already sounds impressively gnarly from the first note – but when you patch into its circuitry and manipulate its signal path, you’ll unleash its true mind-bending potential. Twist, transform, and torment its sound by creating your own connections.

Streamlined, sharpened
We didn’t stop at making the most authentic MS-20 emulation possible; this instrument has been retrofitted with modern functionality, including 6-voice polyphony with unison, a built-in sequencer, expanded voicing, and FX, perfectly suited to contemporary EDM, urban, and pop production.


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