Arturia FX Collection 2023.5 [WIN]

Arturia FX Collection 2023.5A curated selection of 30 creative audio effects for modern music makers, from enhanced emulations of iconic studio tools to contemporary & experimental effects plugins for inspiring music production and creation.

Bus FORCE v1.3.0
Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.4.0
Chorus JUN-6 v1.4.0
Comp DIODE-609 v1.3.0
Comp FET-76 v1.6.0
Comp TUBE-STA v1.6.0
Comp VCA-65 v1.6.0
Delay ETERNITY v1.6.0
Delay TAPE-201 v1.6.0
Dist COLDFIRE v1.1.0
Dist OPAMP-21 v1.1.0
Dist TUBE-CULTURE v1.1.1
Efx FRAGMENTS v1.2.0
EQ SITRAL-295 v1.3.0
Filter M12 v1.7.0
Filter MINI v1.7.2
Filter MS-20 v1.1.0
Filter SEM v1.7.0
Flanger BL-20 v1.4.0
Phaser BI-TRON v1.4.0
Pre 1973 v1.7.0
Pre TridA v1.7.0
Pre V76 v1.7.0
Rev INTENSITY v1.5.0
Rev LX-24 v1.1.0
Rev PLATE-140 v1.6.0
Rev SPRING-636 v1.5.0
Rotary CLS-222 v1.0.0
Tape MELLO-Fi v1.3.0


Arturia_FX_Collection_2023_5.part1.rar – 999.0 MB
Arturia_FX_Collection_2023_5.part2.rar – 999.0 MB
Arturia_FX_Collection_2023_5.part3.rar – 999.0 MB
Arturia_FX_Collection_2023_5.part4.rar – 631.3 MB

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