Antares Auto-Tune SoundSoap v6.0.0 [WIN]

Antares Auto-Tune SoundSoap v6.0.0

The fastest and easiest way to clean your audio tracks
Repair imperfect vocals, rescue “unusable” audio, and enhance tone and timbre across any project with the touch of a button.

Introducing Auto-Tune SoundSoap
Learn what SoundSoap can do to repair and restore noisy audio tracks.

Rescue: Save Your Work
Be the hero and bring “unusable” audio back to life. Auto-Tune SoundSoap salvages even the most damaged tracks and reanimates dead recordings.

Enhance: Subtle Track-Wide Changes
Fine-tune the aural profile of any project with the press of a button. Apply SoundSoap to your entire track for end-to-end improvement.

Repair: Easily Better Than Before
SoundSoap knows exactly where your tracks need the most help. Precision fixes remove unwanted noise and leave your vocals sounding pristine.

Key Features
– One-click application
– De-ess
– De-hum
– Track-wide enhancements
– Voice and spectral de-noise
– Light and Dark Modes


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