Acustica Audio Diamond Transient 2023-R2R

Acustica Audio Diamond Transient 2023-R2R

Developed in collaboration with 3-time Grammy Award-nominee, producer, mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi, Diamond Transient is a 2-plugin suite that will completely redefine the way you work with dynamics.

Derived from a series of select American dynamic processors, we created a tool that allows you to easily complete a variety of creative tasks in just a few clicks — and without sacrificing the analog character that made Studio DMI’s line of signature plugins a staple in virtually every modern studio.

Instant Punch

With Diamond Transient, you can take the years of experience of one of the world’s most knowledgeable gurus of modern sound and easily apply it to your mixes. These plugins will help reshape your tracks in second, so that they pack an insane amount of punch.

We’ve designed both plugins to let you focus on the essential parameters most of the time, and fine-tune your settings when necessary.
Chiseling Tracks into Hits

Diamond Transient is the perfect fit for drums, percussion, guitars, synthesizers, and even whole mixes, making it the ideal plugin for both creative tasks as well as precision mastering work.

The outstanding versatility of the suite means you can apply it to virtually any musical genre, from electronic, Latin, rap, and hip-hop to rock and metal.


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