Acustica Audio Cerise 2023-R2R

Acustica Audio Cerise 2023-R2R

Cerise is a ‘British style’ channel-strip that combines a mic preamp, a three-band EQ, and a compressor. It is now part of the acclaimed Big Ceil plugin suite.

‘New Vintage’ Channel Strip

Many describe the original unit as a ‘New vintage’ piece of gear, presumably because it is the brainchild of one of the best electronic engineers and entrepreneurs to ever grace the planet. Although the hardware preserves the essence of the brand’s historical products, it is built around a new type of transformer-gain, with a class A mic preamp. An inductor EQ section, diode bridge compressor, and a saturation circuit complete the picture. Cerise encapsulates the ‘essence’ of this hardware, guaranteeing an authentic sound on a par with its analog counterpart.


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