789ten The Deniz Koyu Producer Pack V.3 [ViDEO ONLY]

789ten The Deniz Koyu Producer Pack V.3 [ViDEO ONLY]Few have walked the path to the Progressive House hall of fame, and we are honored to host the third installment from the one and only worldwide icon, Deniz Koyu, as he empowers you with a new catalog of versatile production assets.

Deniz Koyu’s masterful take on dance music has enraptured club culture for over a decade. With genre-defining remixes, he has masterminded a string of successful hits making him a quintessential figure in a constantly changing landscape.

Learn from worldwide headlining DJ/Producer Deniz Koyu as he unpacks the decades of knowledge that has forever cemented his status as a quintessential figure in the constantly changing landscape of electronic music.


Run time: 2h 32m

Deniz Koyu invites you into his studio to share his process for making a track from scratch. Learn how he focuses on using groove and sound design as the building blocks to create first rate club music.

“The main thing for me is the groove and then the sound that brings that idea to life”

Deniz’ work is the blueprint for many trends in today’s progressive house world. In these Invaluable lessons, you’ll learn:

Synth design
Ableton workflow
Low end balance
Synth percussion
Advanced EQ
Drum bus compression
FX tricks
Recording synthesizers and automation
Detailed explanation of signal routing
Reverb techniques
And just about everything else that goes into creating a high-octane banger.


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